Texas Faith     Family Day
At the Capitol

February 24, 2015

Austin, Texas

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Make a difference for faith and family in Texas!

Join us for an impactful day at the Texas Capitol where you will equip yourself with important information on family values issues, rally with like-minded Texans from across the state, and engage your elected officials in person - all during the important 83rd Texas Legislative Session.

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Faith and Family Briefing Session

Tuesday, February 24 2015, 8:30 A.M. – 11:30 A.M.

Capitol Auditorium

Get important issue briefings from state leaders and learn how to make an impact for family values during the legislative session.

Religious Liberty: Jonathan Saenz, Texas Values
Marriage and Family: Ann Hettinger, CWA of Texas and Dr. Janice Crouse
Pro-Life: Carol Everett, Women Wellness Coalition of Texas
Cathie Adams, Texas Eagle Forum

Faith and Family Rally

Tuesday, February 24 2015, 12 noon

South Steps of the Capitol Building

More details coming soon

Faith and Family Call to Prayer

Tuesday, February 24 2015, all day

Chapel, Capitol Building 4W.1

After meeting with your legislators, take a moment to visit the chapel and pray for the work of our state officials.

Faith and Family Day Sponsors

CWA Faith and Family Dinner with the Legislators


Monday, February 23, 7:00 P.M.

DoubleTree Suites Hotel, Bluebonnet Room
303 West 15TH St.